Home made musical instruments for Children

Music is a love for everyone whether children, adults or people in old age. Some of the musical instruments are cheap but some are very expensive like best electric guitar for beginners etc. So if you are thinking to get your child musical instrument like, you may try making some good basic instruments at home and have your children play these rather than spending money on buying. One advantage of it is that even if your child breaks it, you would end up having no or little loss. Similarly, children have habit of getting tired of toys very soon. In this case again, you will find yourself at ease.

Now the thing is that which instruments can be made at home that can be both beneficial for your child and at the same time can give him real feel and sense of music. This article will tell you which instruments can those be.

  1. One instrument that you can make at home is hummer. It is very easy to play and can be made at home quite easily and your child will love to play it. The things you require for making it include a wax paper, rubber band and tube of paper towel. You may also use a cardboard toilet paper instead of paper towel tube. Now you need to cut the wax paper in a round shape and its size should be larger than the tube. Now you can cover one end of the tube with this paper and grip it with the rubber band. You can now make sound to the opposite end of the tube.

  1. The next instrument you can make is a Gong. This is again very simple and easy to play. For this, you will need a string, a nail, a hammer and an old tin and a metal table spoon or knife. Now what you need to do is to make two holes on the sides of the tin and get the string pass through and tie it. The string length should be about two feet so that you can easily hold it. You can hit the tin with the table spoon of metal or the knife to produce the sound that would be loved and liked by your child. If you feel that the sound is too high, you can make it soft by covering the knife or the spoon with any cloth.

  1. Next is that you can make xylophone at your home with the help of glass bottles of same size. The bottles can be filled with different levels of water and a metal knife or spoon can again be used to hit the bottles that produce different sounds. The pitch and the quality of sound can be changed by changing the water levels in the bottles. This is very simple xylophone and your child will love and enjoy it.

These simple instruments will give your child the joy and the thrill that he is looking for in the musical instruments.

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